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Reachwell started out as a cost effective ‘Outsourced Marketing Model’ that offers the benefits of an expert & qualified spectrum of Marketing Services, rather than hiring an in-house Marketing department; which costs time, money, and resources. Our Brand services include Brand Consulting, Brand Designs and Digital Marketing

We build and leverage the ‘Brand out of a product’. We wanted our clients to enjoy the premiumization for their Brands.

We take accountability for implementing the Brand Strategy, taking up the mantle of ‘Brand custodian’ to achieve the top line category growth supported with the Go to Market (GTM) strategy and relevant Brand solutions.”

Our team


Sundar Ramakrishnan


With a master’s in business administration in finance from the Kensington College, London, Mr. Sundar Ramakrishnan is the Managing Director of the prestigious Dr. RV Business Group. This reputed business house from Coimbatore has keen interests in diverse industries like textile mills and steel casting. The family is also acclaimed for their philanthropic activities and he holds charge as the management trustee of various charitable trusts, like the SNR Sons Charitable Trust, and is a member of the CII (healthcare).

A warm and amiable person, you can often catch him socializing with his friends and business associates at the Sri Aarvee Hotels, located in the heart of Coimbatore; a hotel owned and run by the family.

Chief Advicer

Mrs.S.Priyanka Sundar

Chief Advisor

Born into a successful business family Priyanka started her career with the Hindustan Group of Companies. She proved herself as a worthy leader and a prudent businesswoman by leading the group to new heights as its CEO. Her calling for an identity for herself in the business world saw her diversifying into new ventures that also fulfilled its social responsibility to the land and its people. Small scale industries that provided employment, organic farms that grow healthy food, free education for the needy, and the Universal Thought (UT) App; an innovative idea where the willing can contribute to in cash, skill or even time to help someone genuinely in need. She is the co-founder of Lennus Techno Solutions. Her advice always comes with a heart that places people before business and profit.


Manoharan V


An IIT Madras , IIM Ahmedabad alumnus with over 30 years experience in Retail, Publishing and Distribution - Marketing, Business Development and Supply Chain domain expertise.
Key areas - Marketing, Buying, Business Strategy, Brand Building, Business Development, Supply
Chain Management


K Senthil Kumar

 Brand Builder.

Senthil is unabashedly passionate about Brands and excels in their nurture. A thoroughbred marketing professional who has worked his way up, right through the thick of things, Senthil has enriching experience in an array of diverse industries and for national and multi-national brands.

In-depth, hands-on experience in all the component functions, a creative bent of mind, essential Planning, organizational and execution skills, and easy adoption of technology make him a true all-rounder in the field.

As a sportsman who is also a foodie, he spends the remaining part of his waking hours balancing the urge to snack with time spent on the running track.


Subin Soman

Design Whiz.

Subin is a Design Guy from the bottom of his heart. With more than a decade’s worth of experience with logos, websites, brands, corporate identity, infographics, colours, images, lines and typography; at advertising agencies and design studios, Subin can be trusted to forge a masterpiece every time you need one.

Having made the transition to the digital playground, armed with sound old-school design insights and sensibilities; He truly understands the purpose of every single component in the design and orchestrates them together to create the grand design symphony.

A passionate photographer, you can readily espy the underlying principles of design and colour at work in each and every one of his frames, just as they do in his artworks.


Vijay Narayan

Inspired Writer.

Vijay is a creative professional with over 20 years’ rich experience in advertising, brand building and entertainment. Having watched up-close every aspect of the brand lifecycle, he writes tellingly, pieces that add spice to the brand story.

Passionate about travel, he is a firm believer in the doctrine that the journey is much more important than the destination.


Baskar S

Creative Technologist.

Baskar thrives in the hallowed zone where technology meets creativity. A seasoned software engineer with 16 years of IT experience in the tech zone, Baskar has worked with emerging technologies like AR/VR, AI and creative coding. Baskar brings together the power of the analytical mind with that of the creative to develop innovative solutions that do equal justice to form and
function. Baskar is to go to person for solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s digital challenges and to prepare for opportunities that will open up the day after. A passionate teacher and coach, Baskar is constantly mentoring young talent in IT, and trying to incorporate the creative flair in their codes.


Nitin Potdar

Market Pundit.

Nitin is a Hard-Core Market Researcher who is also a Strategy Formulator. For over 15 years, he has been the driving force behind some of the major business decisions at some of the leading business houses in India and abroad, in various functions, ranging from R&D to supply chain. His ability to breathe life into research data is the genius he brings to the table. A chemical engineer by training, he has the alchemy to identify marketing opportunities and turn every opportunity into pure gold.

Fascinated with everything that is new, he is obsessed with keeping track of developments in technology; especially about new disruptive technologies in the field of renewable energy.


Ramesh Babu J

Digital Don.

Ramesh is the Big Daddy of the digital domain. AB.Techgraduate in the computer sciences, he is the go-to person for all things digital in marketing, communication and sales. Having honed his skills at leading digital agencies and multinationals, Ramesh is today a consultant guiding organisations grow their footprint online. Ramesh is also an accomplished digital marketing trainer and conducts regular webinars and classes on the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. With over two million followers on social media, he also makes a big splash as a social media influencer.


Vysakhi Kottada

Sr.Marketing Manager 

Eager and enthusiastic to learn and grow along with, Vysakhi (MCA) is a software developer by education with 7 plus years of experience and slowly started creeping into management and marketing fields with built in interest, Good in team management, socialising and make sure that that work rolls smoothly between departments at the workplace.

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