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Client: Muktha Laboratories

Brands: Gadiva, Catche

Sector: FMCG

Category: Ayurveda



Muktha laboratories was not positioned properly into ayurveda category though they manufacture and sell ayurvedic brands like gadiva hair oil and catche mosquito repellent 

Major sales contribution were from their offline sales & distribution traditional channel not highly productive and visible across online platform

Muktha Ayurveda need to be transformed into a D2C brand over online platform



To adapt to changing market demands and enhance customer engagement, we evolved from Muktha Laboratories to Muktha Ayurveda. This transition involves rebranding their traditional offerings, such as Gadiva Ayurvedic Hair Oil and Catche Ayurvedic Mosquito Repellent, to better reflect their focus on Ayurvedic products. 

Furthermore, we upgraded their online presence from the basic website to a modern, responsive e-commerce platform. This transformation provided a seamless shopping experience for customers.


In response to our rebranding efforts and the transition to Muktha Ayurveda, we have centralized  social media presence. Formerly, Mukta products were promoted through decentralized pages. Now, we've unified  branding under the centralized social media pages

To amplify the brand experience and enhance reach, we've partnered with native influencer marketers. This strategic collaboration boosted sales conversions along with social proofs and established Muktha Ayurveda as a prominent player in the Ayurvedic category.


Our commitment to delivering unparalleled brand visibility and engagement has led us to adopt a holistic approach to marketing. By seamlessly integrating both offline and online initiatives, we've successfully penetrated mass markets and connected with diverse consumer segments.


Offline Initiatives:


Apartment Activations: Engaging directly with communities through meticulously planned apartment activations, we've brought Muktha's brand experience to the doorstep of potential customers.


Sampling Activities: From leisurely parks to bustling supermarkets, our sampling activities allow consumers to experience Muktha's products firsthand, fostering trust and loyalty.


Retail Merchandising: Prioritizing prime shelf space in retail environments, our merchandising efforts ensure Muktha's products capture attention and drive sales.

Online Initiatives:


Digital Creatives: Our online campaigns, such as the highly successful Gadiwali (Diwali Offer) Campaign, have garnered an impressive reach of 0.5 million and achieved a product sales conversion rate of 3k on the ecommerce portal


Leveraging E-commerce Platforms: Through strategic partnerships, such as with Flipkart BB, we've leveraged sales promos to drive conversions and expand the customer base


Audience Optimization: By refining social media strategy, we've transformed Muktha's online presence. We've shifted from a passive audience of 30k unproductive followers to cultivating a thriving community of over 1k engaged and loyal followers.

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Muktha Ayurveda is now repositioned and transformed to a house of ayurvedic category brands with gadiva catche 


Brand extensions like catche lotion 


Gadiva Catche are now  D2C brands with sales on their ecommerce platform as well as at amazon and flipkart bigbasket


Gadiva Catche brands are having their offline retail visibility across market with sales & distribution channel

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